"awesome!!! ***** Wup.... Where did these guys come from? OMG...Excellent musicianship and very well written material. Are they on tour? Every track has great feel and hooky passages. It's amazing how these underrated jazz groups sound so incredible!" - middlec - iTunes Customer Reviews 

    "Here is a slap in the face for the "Jazz is dead" crowd. This funky New York jazz/fusion band performs original music with an original flair. By mixing more traditional instruments such as saxes and a strong bass with electronic winds and electric guitar, Hardlogic has achieved 21st century jazz that is in a class of it's own. Their unique music has not only kept them busy with local performances, it has gained them airplay on hundreds of radio stations around the world. To hear music from Hardlogic, visit http://www.hardlogic.net/. " - (Featured Band) The Indie Music Review 


    ".... I really like "Group Theory" and after the second time I played it, I decided to get "Anytime, Anywhere" as well. Feel free to add me to your email list and keep cranking out good music. Hard Logic reminds me a lot of the groups that turned me to Jazz in the late 70s. At least to my ears, I'm hearing some Ritenour, Weather Report, Return to Forever, Crusaders and some other influences in your stuff. I like your sound and wish you the best of luck. I look forward to future releases." 
    Rick - A fan 


    "Well I’m back again and I have some great Jazz for all you music lovers out there. This band is called Hard Logic, and they are fronted by a fantastic sax player/ composer by the name of Paul DeLoria. 

    If you enjoy Jazz, Funk and Just good music, this show is worth a listen. Visit the website and check these guys out. I know you will approve." - Sounds From The Yellow Room - soundsfromtheyellowroom.podbean.com 


    "I love jazz! I just don’t get enough of it sent to me unsolicited. After getting this new CD from these up-state New York guys, though, I intend to make it a point to bring more jazz to the station in coming weeks, definitely! I picked this song because it has the most interesting name. Other than the brief appearances of someone’s dogs in the song, I’m not sure that it brings to my mind any images of Weiner Dogs, but, hey, that’s jazz. To each his own! These guys are awesome!" - Don Cudd, hosstheboss.com 


    "....Group Theory is the follow up to their debut recording Anytime, Anywhere, released in 2006. The group’s growth is clearly evident and their playing style takes on a more energetic, hard-driving sound. Tracks of special note are “Redemption,” “Shrivelspork,” “Grindage” and “Attack of the Weiner Dogs.” A great compilation of well-composed and executed music by a band that evidently has the chops and cohesion to make a mark in the world of contemporary jazz." - www.jazzreview.com 


    "Hard Logic is a jazz fusion band from Western New York, led by saxophonist Paul DeLoria and keyboardist Greg Gilmore, with guitarist Tony Castronova, bassist Davis Pinto, drummer Chris Dembeyiotis and percussionist/vibist Bob Accurso. All the members are quite talented players and they play very well together in performing the DeLoria/Gilmore-penned tunes. Their overall sound is similar to groups like the L.A. Express, the Rippingtons, FourPlay and Spyra Gyra with a heavy dose of Brecker Brothers funkiness. 

    "Crudites" starts things off in compelling fashion, with a welcome bit of toughness, while "Redemption" and "Shrivelspork" funks it up in a catchy and energetic manner that should appeal highly to fans of the genre. DeLoria's solos are tasty, while guitarist Castronova adds some burning fretwork. Meanwhile Gilmore centers the sound with an array of keyboard sounds and chops, and his rhythm mates are tight and propulsive in pushing the band forward. 

    The group doesn't settle for the easy funk route though and songs like "Low Tide" and "All Points South" explore an island sound and a touch of pop. The gospel inspired "Tastebuds" pleases the ear, while "Way Back North" and "Living Wall" of"er the more subdued melodic side. Finally, album finale, "Attack of the Wiener Dogs" ends things on a high energy note that should keep listeners coming back for more." - Brad Walseth, www.jazzchicago.net 


    "Lots of CD’s crossing my desk, so let’s get to it. 

    Jazz is certainly in the air with the Rochester International Jazz Festival line-up squared away and anticipation growing throughout the city. Add to that some cool saxophonists with recent releases, and it is jazz central here! 

    "Hard Logic leader, saxman Paul DeLoria dropped off the band’s exceptional new CD, Group Therapy. The all-original release is the band’s follow-up to 2006’s Anytime Anywhere, and continues their energetic foray into funky fusion. Hard Logic is already receiving international praise for their efforts, with a nice little feature in Italian mag, Emmek!. Catch the band at the Lilac Festival (5:30pm), opening for Phoebe Snow on Friday, May 9th........" - Michelle Picardo, Freetime Magazine 

    Congratulations to Rochester’s own Hard Logic. The high energy jazz, funk and jam band just took the #1 spot in the Jazz category of the 16th Annual Billboard Songwriting contest for “Crudites,” by Greg Gilmore and Paul DeLoria, off their current release, Group Theory. Check ‘em out at www.hardlogic.net…, Freetime Magazine 


    "Hi Greg- 

    The Hard Logic CD arrived at the end of the week and we've had a chance to audition it for airplay. Sky Valley Radio will be adding the tracks "Shrivelspork", "Grindage" and "Drainfunk" to our library for random airplay as chosen by our broadcast automation software. 

    In addition, i am the PD/Operations Mgr of CFSI-FM 107.9 Salt Spring Island, BC Canada with a variable worldbeat/jazz/blues/folk/Canadiana format and I'll forward the CD on to our Music dept to add to the CFSI Library. 

    Thank you for the privilege of playing 'Group Theory' and I wish you and Hard Logic much success with the CD 


    Mike" - Mike Cherry, Staion Manager Sky Valley Radio - 89.1 FM "The Jazz Cafe" 

    "Thank you for sending us your information and the CD Group Theory. I am listening to the CD right now and we will certainly use it and add it to our library. " - WMCE JAZZ FM 88.5 & 104.9 

    "Thank you for submitting Hardlogic's CD. We love it!.....We will keep your music in our catalog for future play on P.E. Radio and would also like permission to add your CD in our upcoming online magazine as a recommended album. " - P.E. Radio 

    "Cool stuff!" - Paul Haines, Digivegas Radio 

    "I like your project very much - it's very energetic, fresh and very radiofriendly" - Tania Ivanova, Jazz FM 

    "FANTASTIC!! I love the CD." FNSTradio.com 

    "....we're playing the entire CD in our Funky Friday format -- great CD!" - Eclectic 89.1 WBCX 

    "I thinks it's great and have been playing tracks off it since it's arrival" - Richard Kolp - Upbeat And More 

    "....Personally, I find Hard Logic a very special band - many fusion bands have a cold edge, but Hard Logic has maintained the warmth, the flesh and blood!!!" - Jan Nielsen - DR Jazz 

    "......I love your album.......Wicked....." - Gordy (of The Gordy Show) - Globalfunkradio.com 

    "..many thanks, this is great, very much our style, so I'll get some tracks on our playlist..." - Brian Harrison - Qfm 94.3 

    "This is good stuff...." - John Anderson - The "On The Horizon" radio show 

    "Love the cd....i played a cut last week...and plan to play more in the upcoming weeks" - Rich Gangi - WFIT 89.5 FM 

    "The “Group Theory” CD is great. We have already incorporated all songs in our program" - Radio Art 

    "Frankly, they are all good (CD tracks)......Thank you again for sending it." - Dennis Profant, Summertime Jazz 

    "There is some fine music on this disc, reminds me of the Yellow Jackets." - Kelly Cole KIFM 98.1 

    "Got the disc... and I'm really liking a number of cuts on it. I'll definitely get some of them out onto the station." - Dean Zarras, fusiongroovin.com 

    "I just got your GREAT CD in the mail. Thanks so much. I will be putting this on my site soon and getting it into rotation!" - Fred Gilmore, instrumental PAVILION 

    "a surprise" - TEE-M, TEE-M's UNsigned Music Show on WPMD.org 

    "..we received the CD and it's awesome!" - Shonia Brown, Ntunes Radio 

    "love the CD - thanks - great great sound" - Jersey Todd, Podsafe Music Network 

    "This is exactly the kind of music I'm looking for" - Tom Kiebzak, Beyondbop.com 

    "Impressive stuff" - WGMC, Rochester NY 

    "I love this! Old school soul jazz, right up my alley, with great musicianship and positive energy, reminds me of Stuff a bit. " - Bob Putignano (on the song 'Redemption'), Sounds of Blue Radio Program WFDU FM

  • "Hard Logic is a six-member Jazz band but that doesn’t stop them from hitting Celtic, Funk, Latin and Rock along the way" - Celtic Folk Podcast 


    "Wow, these are some really, really good musicians!" - Doc Mav, Area 67 podcast 

    "Great mood set here, great instrumental melodies.!" - Billboard Song Contest on 'Summersong' 

    "Hey Megan (Megan Hill of Shuteye Records - shuteyerecords.com), 

    Just had to tell you how impressed and enthused I was after listening to that HARD LOGIC record you sent to me recently. Just like the title of their album suggests...I would certainly want to see these guys perform 'Anytime, Anywhere.' Maybe they can make it up to Syracuse sometime in the future. 
    They are "high energy smooth jazz" to the max. 

    Take care.... 

    - Eric Cohen 
    WAER Radio 
    Music Director" 


  • "Hard Logic present a wonderful Jazz Fusion style and some amazing original compositions. If you love jazz and you're looking for something other than the usual, don't miss Hard Logic!" - 
    Fatcats Jazz Club, Corning NY 

    "Hard Logic is awesome!" 
    "Super high-energy, super entertaining. Mesmerizing." 
    "An excellent show. More than just fantastic music, personality." 
    "World-class musicianship in every number. They really get into it." 
    "We'll have 'em back as much as we possibly can." - McCools, Geneva NY 

    "Hard Logic is...Jazz that takes the spirit of old-school, to modern day progressive fusion...leading the way with solos, that are directed by a rythm section that could drive a Mac Truck, through the twists and turns of rollercoaster..." (Wow, thank's Sam!) - Sam Marabella - Broadway Joe's 

  • "Hard Logic is without a doubt one of the best groups I have ever heard. Everyone was completely blown away" 
    - Judy Recca, Promoter/Coordinator, North Winton Festival of the Arts 

    "Grooves that appeal to a broad range of listeners " 
    - Wendy Scott, Promoter, Crystal City Jazz Fest - Corning, NY 

    "I would recommend the unique jazz music of Hard Logic as an excellent fit for any art festival." 
    - Michael "Woody" Woodward, festival coordinator

  • "Nice!! Great playing and sound. "......."Wow! really good stuff. I'd love to hear this live"......."Great arrangement".....Cool stuff"......."Nice big sound".....Well played".......""this is way shnazzy! serious musicianship going on here"......."Jammin tune"......."I dig it "

    • "The band's high-energy sound transcends the jazz genre, appealing to a diverse fan base." 
      -Michelle Picardo


      "The Rochester International Jazz Festival was another huge success for our fair city! The music never stopped, and even through a cold and rainy opening night, everyone's spirits were high! The nine-day event continues to make Rochester a destination stop for music lovers everywhere, and we're already looking forward to next year! Along with the extraordinary national talent that swept into town, with buzzed about performances from Woody Allen, James Brown, Etta James, Djabe, Charlie Hunter, Joe Locke/Geoffrey Keezer Quartet and Soulive, to name a few, there was also a ton of local musical action. One such Rochester band, Hard Logic, enjoyed a spot on the Jazz Street Stage during the festival, and continue the excitement with the release of their new CD, Anytime. Anywhere, which they'll celebrate with a show at The Montage on Thursday, June 29th . Led by talented saxman, Paul DeLoria, the outfit is certainly becoming one of the best of the original jazz fusion groups in town. DeLoria made a name for himself at a young age, performing with the group, The Banchees, and also with members of Spyro Gyra, until trekking to Nashville and exploring its musical terrain. He eventually returned to his hometown, and formed Hard Logic, whose new release is certainly a bittersweet affair as it showcases the outstanding songwriting and guitar work of the late Tony Mann. After Mann's passing, the band was re-configured with new members, but Anytime.Anywhere is a beautifully inspired final recording by Mann. This album is not your grandfather's jazz, as the horn-driven sounds intertwine with rock, pop, blues and even Latin leanings for a sweetly spirited stew." Michelle Picardo, Freetime Magazine 



    • "We couldn't have been more pleased with Hard Logic's performance at our Festival. It was obvious that the audience was captivated by the energy of these guys! Great Solos. These cats are on the move and we are proud that they are from Rochester, New York!" 

      Marc Iacona 
      Executive Director/Co-Producer 
      Rochester International Jazz Festival LLC 

    • "Caught Hard Logic outside. And though these guys lean toward the smooth side of the street, the polyrhythmic boogie they rode gave their sound and the large crowd a boost. 'Twas funky and tight." -Frank De Blase, City Newspaper



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